janice simpson

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Janice grew up in rural Victoria on a sheep farm. Miles away from friends during weekends and holidays, she spent a lot of time imagining other worlds through the many books she found on the shelves at home and in the shire library, housed in a silent and dusty hall. Perhaps this early life is best described by a passage from her travel memoir, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. 'I feel a stab of homesickness when I see the sprawling red gums that inhabit the land of my childhood, the place where I learnt how to cook, garden, harvest, preserve, look after animals, read, make things, explore, ride a bike, find solace in my own company'. 

Her first crime novel 'Murder in Mt Martha", published by Hybrid Press, is available in all good book stores and from the author.  

Janice has won awards for her work, and has been published in a range of magazines. You can find some examples here.

Janice is a national convenor of Sisters in Crime, a not-for-profit organisation promoting women crime writers and readers.