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Launches, A Body of Work

I am lucky to have two book events in December 2018. 

The first one is on Sunday 2 December at 6pm in the pop-up park in Ballarat Street, Yarraville auspiced by The Sun Bookshop. Coroner Audrey Jamieson will do the honours. This is a free event and all are welcome. The Sun Bookshop will be selling books at the launch. RSVP.

Sisters in Crime 'Extreme Situations Elicit Unusual Crimes' event, 7 September 2018

On Friday 7 September I talked with Megan Goldin, Susi Fox and Pip Drysdale about deception and delusion, revenge and retribution, and how Sun Tzu’s The Art of War helps if you’re hellbent on making him pay. Very funny evening.

Willy Lit Fest


At the Willy Lit Fest, June 2018

Paula Keogh’s 'The Green Bell' is a lyrical and profoundly moving story about love and madness. Justin Heazlewood’s 'Get Up Mum' is a beautifully endearing, entertaining book about love, family, mental illness and coming-of-age. Janice Simpson chats with two authors writing powerful memoir that shines a tender light on living...


Three writers, three crimes. Janice Simpson - 'Murder in Mt Martha' - in conversation with Jock Serong - 'Rules of Backyard Cricket' - and Fiona Capp 'To Know my Crime'.

At the Willy Lit Fest June 2017. 

Sisters in Crime 'Nordic Noir' event, 30 June 2017

Professor Sue Turnbull, who co-authored the Nordic noir entry for the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, explored this genre with a panel of writers: Leigh Redhead, Hanna Lofgren and Janice Simpson.

Murder in Mt Martha - some reviews

Read the full article here.

Sisters in Crime 'Deadly Debuts' event, 29 April 2016

Launch of 'Murder in Mt Martha' on 6 April 2016 at Readings Bookshop in Carlton, conducted by Leigh Redhead

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