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Research Journey

This diagram summarises my loopy spirally creative practice research. It demonstrates how my creative practice has responded to knowledge acquisition, peer review, physical movement through landscape, and increasing confidence in allowing the research to take its own course. Below is a list of the research milestones documented in the diagram:


  • Complete mandatory research course

  • Attend NVivo workshop

  • Research fictocritical writing

  • Participate in RMIT writing workshops

  • Create password-protected website as research repository

  • French & German Bike Ride

  • The Real Thing essay published SWAMP Vol 15


  • Participate in RMIT writing workshops

  • Create iBook to record and present research

  • Present draft of Place essay at Limina Conference WA

  • Apply for and gain ethics approval

  • Develop and test adoptee questionnaire

  • Contact Australia-wide adoption agencies

  • Confirmation of Candidature 06/10/15

  • Research lyric essay writing

  • Arrange and conduct interviews with adoptees

  • Present draft of Three ways to essay at IABA Conference SA


  • German Bike Ride

  • Launch Murder in Mt Martha

  • Present Can a meditative essay at AAWP Conference ACT


  • Attend NonfictioNOW Conference, Iceland

  • Second Milestone presentation, 28/07/17

  • Taking the Children Away essay published Back Story Issue 3

  • Present Our Father essay at AAWP Conference, SA


  • Canadian Bike Ride

  • Our Father journal article, published TEXT special issue 51

  • Undertake art studio workshops

  • Present Voicing Place essay at AAWP Conference, WA

  • Launch A Body of Work


  • Third Milestone presentation, 19/08/19

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