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We've all got some tucked up in the top cupboard.

Here's a list of mine.

Diploma in Writing and Editing CAE (2010)

Lovely course conducted at the CAE in Melbourne. Staffed by truly enthusiastic and encouraging women who facilitated my learning, taught me how to workshop and were not afraid to laugh whenever necessary. I loved every minute and I met some cracker people along the way. This course improved how I write and made me honest - to write every day is what you have to do if you want to call yourself a writer. In the course of two years I completed an 80,000 word novel (currently being scrutinised by a publisher), got 40,000 words of another under my belt (and if I ever finish this exam marking will be completed at 80,000ish words before mid-July) and produced 45,000 words of a yet to be completed non-fiction book about infant adoption in Australia.

Masters in Social Science (Career Education) RMIT (1997)

Returning to Melbourne from a twelve-year stint in Ballarat I decided to enrol in further education. I'd like to be able to say what ontological means, but I can't. This doesn't mean I didn't profit from my studies and research. Writing a thesis is fun. Doing research about government policy is also fun - you can find out how neo-liberalism is the driving force behind pretty much everything since the 1980s. Even and especially education which has always been driven by a need to strengthen the economy through skills, knowledge and problem solving.

Bachelor of Arts University of Melbourne (1974)

I've heard it said that education is wasted on the young. It was on me at any rate. I'd kill for an opportunity to go back and listen to Vincent Buckley and Dinny O'Hearn and Chris Wallace Crabbe in the Old Arts lecture hall. Why, we could even smoke during lectures. I did manage a degree in English and Politics with a few flurries of failure along the way including first year French. I received my only university honour in Russian Literature and Society lectured into by the inimitable Nina Christensen. She invited her students to her home in Eltham one Easter and fed us pashka - a cream cheese confection studded with sultanas and the like.

Diploma of Education SCV (now Uni Melb) (1974)

Teaching. I love it. I stayed in the Education Department who paid for me to go to university. This was through a studentship program and I stayed as a loyal and committed employee for 18 years. Leaving in 1993 becasue I didn't want 'Here lies Janice, a teacher' written on my gravestone, I did 'other things'. I am now teaching again - tutoring really - this time to first and second year students in the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning at RMIT. My courses range from politics to policy, big ideas and their history to economics for social science. It's a great gig if you can get it and the marking doesn't kill you.

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